Cliff Travis currently communicates his drive to create through abstract paintings and graphite drawings.  Often unsatisfied projecting in two dimensions, his recent work is characterized by textures to augment form and colour, although he continues to periodically produce graphite drawings as he has since his youth.  His abstract period is recent and coincides with determining alternative methods of responding to life’s challenges.

Abstract painting allows for a freer more intuitive expression in contrast to the planned, controlled process of the realism typically presented in his drawings.  Relinquishing controlled methods was challenging but found to be curiously fascinating and fulfilling.  Abstractions in graphite naturally follow, as do hybrid incorporations of painting and drawing.

Attracted to complex and somewhat darker subject matter that stimulates the imagination toward more mystical areas, his challenge is to project something that can be emotionally connective yet remain different in terms of each observer’s experience, all the while retaining the expressive basics.  Abstract expressionism can often transition to representational work.

As a self-taught contemporary mixed media artist, his influences are many — Richter, Kiefer, Hetzel, Myers and Bittlinger to name a few.  Although substrates and materials may vary, most works are acrylic based.

Artistic process evolves with each abstract piece.  It is however common for layers of texture to be placed first in such works, followed by colour treatment.  Completed artwork is always protected in an appropriate archival quality finish.  Framed originals are backed in paper.  All work is wired and include a certificate of authenticity.

Cliff’s goal is to reach out and discover others find positive feeling and connection with his art; that it may stir their emotions and imagination in powerful and personally satisfying manner.

Cliff Travis currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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